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MB530P Front Fan RGB's not working

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Parker    0

Hello, looking for some assistance with the MB530P case. I have searched for answers but not getting a clearcut solution.


The fans spin fine but don't light up at all, I connected the 3 RGB connectors from the fan into the splitter and then into the front panels RGB connector but that isn't working. I just don't see how all 3 fans are not functioning but when I plug the 3 way to 1 connector into the motherboard ARGB port it doesnt work either.


I appreciate any assistance.

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DeePee    0
Posted (edited)

I have a similar issue with the MB530P front fans not spinning but he lights on them works though. I have an Asrock  motherboard and all my fan headers are 4 pin. When I connect the 3 front fans to the splitter that came with the case, the other end of the splitter has one 3 pin cable that say Gigabit that will not fit anywhere on my motherboard. Also on the same splitter there is another cable that goes back to the controller as shown in the manual. So my question is where does the power to make the fans rotate come from? It the fans light up that means that there is power on the controller right? Please help me find a diagram of ALL of the connections. The Manual is not very usefull to me.

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