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Peter Lopez    0

I bought two MF120 Halo case fans for side placement on my Raidmax Vampire case.  Right now, I installed the bottom (sub GPU) as intake and top fan as exhaust.  Not exactly sure about my reasoning with this, other than pull in cool air below and push out hot air above.  However a Google search says they should both be intake.  Thoughts?  My CPU temps are higher than they were before, but I also installed a Carbonaut pad with my ML240R.  Temps are up to 74C under load for the first time ever and I want to get that down.  Minimum is 41C.  Too many variables added all at once (new case fans, Carbonaut, new GPU).  I want to get my temps down.


ASUS Strix ROG B450-F Gaming

Ryzen 2700 OC to 4.1

Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT SE


Also, Aura does not seem to drive the lighting as it should, have to use the CM software, but I do not like the effects as much as Aura.



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Cenevit    5

Having two fans side by side flowing air in opposite directions creates an airflow loop.
So I would just place both side fans as intake.

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