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Cosmos 700P BE and 700M Side panel question

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Hello, guys.

I am having a strong plans about purchasing one of Cosmos chassis to replace my lovely, but kinda old 690II Advanced. But I have a one doubt about it's design.
The problem is that I can't understand if the 700P Black Edition's side panel is the same to 700M's. I have seen the 700M in reality, there were a few of them at Gamescom 2019, and I was very excited with a look of the glass side panel.

Unfortunately, I can't handle the puchase  of 700M, because I am going additionally to swap 5930K to Xeon, grab an Eisbaer 360 and the new PSU for my system.
And one more moment is that I am not able to see the 700P BE locally in my town, so, I am fully depend on the materials in the internet.

So, the question is in reality, the glass panel of the 700P is the same to 700M's or not?
I have checked lot's of photos and videos, and I am still having a doubts. 
At CM website 700M looks solid and toned to 1 solid surface. 700P looks much brighter and the "window" for hardware is seems to be really visible.
But, if you look to the photo of opened chassis, inside part looks the same, the corners are clearly visible t oboth.

Also at each YT video and photos at reviews it looks different, so I am completely confused. 
Guys, please help. Thank you.

UPD: when shots from Gamescom, I can see, that panel of 700M also has such windows. But at CM website it's solid, and 700P middle part is very bright.




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