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Asus motherboard RGB connector to fan RGB connector

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Hello I had purchased a 3 pack of Masterfan MF120R A RGB fans and I currently am running an Asus x470 Prime Pro motherboard. The Header on my motherboard is a 4 pin and the connector for the RGB on the fans is a 3 pin. The 3 Pin connector for the fans is 2 pins together and a single pin a space away. I was wondering if there is an adapter I can buy or is there another fan set out there that is compatible with my 4 pin motherboard RGB header. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...

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Thorak    0

This forum must be really dead, for no one answering this question.


The 4 pin header connects 12V RGB fans or LEDs 


The 3 pin are for 3v Adressable LEDs, thats the ones your  fans use.

Older RGB motherboards have only the 4 pin headers, so you need a RGB controller to control the fans.


I hope I don´t come too late, but if you connect the fans to those headers, you will damage the leds.


Hope it helped !!

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