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Arran Huddleston

MB530P ARGB Front Fans

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Hi, new to the forum.

I have read a number of articles based around the RGB front fans on this case and many similar ones. 

I have an issue which seems to be a very common one, the front fans spinning up and working correctly, but no RGB. 

The installation / Build was this weekend and all went seamlessly (except for the cooler and the Ram being pretty tight), specs below. The "only" thing which I have come at from every angle is the RGB lights on the Front 3 fans.. 

(All items new)
MB530P case 
Motherboard Gigabyte Auros Pro Wifi (has addressable RGB headers)
Intel I7 Kaby Lake
32 GB Corsair Ram
Dark Pro 4 Cooler
Nvidia 2070 super
Seasonic GX 650 PSU

After reading many of the posts I used the Asus / MSI 4 pin (2 space and 1- female connector) to connect to the MBD, as everyone said the same thing that the old Gigabyte connection 3 pin (concentric pins - female) was out dated on the newer boards.... in fact there are no 3 pin connections of this type on the board. 
The connections is a little flimsy and didn't I feel seat very securely, however they did connect to the top right ARGB on the board (pic attached) 

All the other RGB on the MBD, Ram are working and controlled seamlessly by the Gigabyte RGB controller.... but the fans alas nothing. 

Now the basis of the post is as follows:
I reverted the plugs back to original without plugging to the MBD as I had read that the I/O would control from the case (it works on the power button)… but nothing again. I'm assuming again that if the I/O is controlling the power switch RGB, its not the I/O in the case at fault)

I don't want to assume its the case lights (I would imagine you would struggle to blow RGB based on the voltage here)


Other than buying alternative ARGB products and plugging and testing to the MBD to ensure its not a MBD issue is there another way to check on the fans? 

What I'm trying to avoid is having to remove everything from the case.... Everything else works perfectly and I'm a believer that if I start taking things in and out I run the risk of larger issues. 


Personally I'm not bothered about the RGB, but my son is, and in fairness this case was chosen directly for the ARGB ability for him (I'm a lot less about the bling, and more functional)


Any suggestions gratefully received to help me try to avoid stripping everything out.



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OK for anyone else looking for help I have resolved this, concluding that 2 of the fans are DOA.

This was done by testing each RGB fan 1 by 1, labelling the power and A-RGB connection and interestingly replacing the original splitter with a new one. 


Power to the fans was OK for all of the operational part (Sata connection), but as with the original post not the lighting. 


I took a new fan MasterFan 120 ARGB and plugged this to the "system MBD" fan power connection, and number 1 "Addressable header" (new splitter). It worked fine, and was found by RGB fusion. 


I then took the power from the I/O module and plugged the new fan into it, again it worked. 

Following this process, I then took the new fan utilising the connections on the front fans with a new splitter again. The top fan responded and lit up; so good start. I then replicated this on the middle and bottom fan where there was no light. 

I then moved to the second of the "Addressable headers" to ensure it was not a MBD issue at all. Again exactly the same result with the middle and bottom fan no life in respect to lights. Top and new fan working perfectly.




Bought the MasterFan ARGB and PWM hub, Linked new fans and existing fan (top working) with the hub and the benefit of a cleaner environment and less clutter in the build.


Good news, by a process of elimination and taking time it was NOT the motherboard but lay with the lights (with perhaps a contribution from the original cable)

Just one thing I don't understand is why the splitter original and new have the 3 pin gigabyte, pretty much every newer board in the last couple of years has an ARGB 3pin like the Asus etc.       


Of course the question remains and I stand by it, it would be very hard to burn out these lights from a board perspective... so why no life..

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Joey Isaacs    0

I have a similar setup.   In the RGB Fusion 2.0 software, are you able to control the fan RGB individually?

I can get everything plugged into the 3 pin ARGB header to light and run according the the software profile, but shouldnt we be able to control each argb device individually?

Cooler master advertises that this is compatible with Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 but the control is very limited.

I also have a ML240L RGB cooler, but it uses the 4pin RGB header.  Again, shouldnt those be more controllable?

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Adam    0
Posted (edited)

Hi Joey, do you know which plug on the motherboard you plugged into ? I'm having issues controlling the fans. RGB Fusion doesn't appear to be working. But I could be just plugged into the wrong part of the mb.

Edited by Adam

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