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CM Will you HELP? New Hyper 48 Scratches 2 in a row!

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mysticnas    0

Right some good news hopfully.

I've been asked to email 2 people at CM directly about this issue and provided a link to this thread in the email so they can see the photo's.

I'm going away tomorrow morning so hopefully if i don't recieve a reply tonight there'll be one waiting for me when i get back.


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RaptorFury    0

Hope everything works out for ya , and if you need to work out a deep scratch use the 400 grit to resurface it , then work to the 600 , and then the 1000 and if you want that polished look i say the 20 or the 25 micron should do ya fine , i just use 400 , 600 , then 1200 and if i want to spend that much time i go with 2000 with a lil bit of Brasso on the sand paper to polish it . I find that goin in small circles works quite well for me , by goin in 1 direction ( for me that is ) i allways seem to tilt the Hsf ..

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