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Michael McCarthy

MasterFan MF120R A-RGB Issue

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Hi All, 


I just purchased these fans and I'm stuck. My fans light up, for the most part. I mean only a few of the LED's are working and I cant change the color. 


Mobo: B450 ADRUS Pro WiFi


What I have done: 

  1. Set everything up with the controller.
    1. Connections to Mobo
      1. Plugged in to SYS_FAN2 
        1. The fans are spinning.
      2. Plugged in LED_C
        1. LEDs light up, but not all working. 
      3. Checked connections. 
        1. Switch order of connections. 
      4. Then updated controller firmware
        1. Fallowed instructions from firmware install (No Change)
      5. Then tried switching DLED_V_SW1 default (5v)
        1. I switched to 12v and still nothing. (No change) 
          1. Then set DLED_V_SW1 back to 5v. (No change)
  2. Removed controller and connected to motherboard 
    1. Plugged in to LED_C only (No change) 
    2. Then plugged D_LED only (No change)
    3. Then unplugged all fans expect one (No change)
      1. Then repeated on other fans
  3. Installed MasterPlus
    1. Does not work with this controller


What am I doing wrong. I thought this was plug and play. 


Note: Updated BIOS, chipset and drivers. New build, had to be done. :P 





Update: if you have made it this far. 

Here is CM product replacement steps. 

  1. Return needs approval
    1. Fine I get that 
  2. Return Product
    1. Are you joking! I have to send you my fans. Now what go without a computer?
    2. How long is this going to take? 
  3. Product Received
    1. Now you have my fans. 
    2. How long does it take for you to look over the product? 
  4. Replacement Shipped
    1. How long well it take to ship the new fans back? 5 to 130 days? 


Cooler Master why cant you just send the replacement product first? Then I will use the box you send me and send back the broken product.


Customer Service: 

Ticket No: 23813 (Hello are you there?)


I know that was a rant. Thank you 


Edited by Michael McCarthy
My continued LED fan life.

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