Connect the H500M RGB controller to the mainboard

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1. I bought an H500M. Now I wanted to connect the RGB controller to my "Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X" mainboard. Coolmaster provides a cable for the case. Unfortunately, the cable only has a 3 pin connector (V, D, G). My mainboard has a 4pin connector (12V, G, R, B). How can I now connect the RGB controller to the mainboard? Is there an adapter?
2. How can I control the fan speed? With which software?
The bios does not recognize the fans.

Tried out software: SmartFan, LightingControl, MasterPlus

Thank you for your help

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The H500M included controller includes a cable that would connect to your Gigabyte. There are little white labels on the ends of the wires that indicate motherboard variants. If you can't find that cable for connecting then you'll need to get one from support.


I just checked mine and one side says MSI/asrock/asus and the other single wire says Gigabyte.


You may be disappointed with that controller. I'd suggest looking at getting a better controller.

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