aRGB controller of ML360R RGB AIO CPU cooler

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Asheen    0

Hi :)


I have purchased an ML360R (comes with 3 aRGB fans and an RGB/aRGB controller.

I use it on an Asus MB that is Aura compatible but only has 12V RGB headers and no 5V aRGB headers.

I know that if the motherboard had any aRGB header I wouldn't need the controller bundled with the AIO.


I want to connect the 3 aRGB fans to the CoolerMaster controller, connect the controller to the Mb (via USB?) and then control the aRGBs via software.


Now, I read the manual for the CoolerMaster RGB/aRGB controller and some things are not very clear to me.


 - On the bottom of the controller there are 3 ports for connecting the controller to the MB: 1) RGB (I guess I won't be using this one), 2) USB (I guess that's the one I need to use), 3) aRGB ( I cannot use this one since my MB doesn't have any aRGB header. One would never need to use more than 1 of these ports simultaneously, right? In my case, I would need the USB connection, right?


 - If I connect the aRGB fans to the CoolerMaster controler and then the controller to the MBvia USB, Is there any way I can control the lights using Aura sync? Or am I forced to use CoolerMaster software (MasterPlus+?)? Or can I use it without any additional software (just using the buttons on the controller)?


 - How should I use MasterPlus+? The web page says to update the firmmware first, which one? how?


Thank you very much in advance for your help.




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Warcop    0

Before installing MasterPlus, update the firmware for your specific controller. The ML360R downloads page ARGB LED Controller Firmware V0008 (as of (2020-02-11).


The USB connection is to give the MasterPlus software access to the controller. This isn't how communication happens from Asus/Aura.

You'll use a free RGB header on the MB and the supplied wire to plug into the RGB input on the controller. This will give you the ability to send the controller information from Asus/Aura from that header as identified in their software.


You normally wouldn't need both the RGB and ARGB input used on the controller. You'd use either/or and preferably the ARGB is available on your MB.


When you have both your RGB input connected and MasterPlus running, you'll be able to select between using the Motherboard input (from Asus/Aura via RGB header) or color selection in the MasterPlus software.


You will need to put the controller into RGB mode by pressing the mode button and the LED on the left of the controller will light up.


Hope this helps!






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