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RaptorFury    0

Mine aint the best looking thing, but it does get the job done.

Set up:

Core i7 970 @ 4.2GHz

Asus R2E motherboard

Crucial 1333MHz memory @ 1680 MHz 8-8-8-24

4 x Seagate Momentus 320 HDD in Raid 0

1 x Western digital 1 tb HDD back up

P&C 950 watt PSU

2 x 6970 @ 950/1450

Cooling Loop 1 Pump>Heat killer CPU block> XSPC Quad Radiator

Cooling loop 2 Pump>2 Koolance 697 Vid blocks in Parallel> Swiftech tri Radiator

The monitors 2 x Asus Ml248 LED 24" Monitors, 1 x Asus vw246 Monitor 24" Combined resolution 5760x1080

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footman    0

May as well add my latest P67-HAF-X build. Moved my CM V6GT to my secondary rig in order to get the Silver Arrow in this one.


Of course I had to mod the back of the case as the cpu cutout was in the wrong place for P67 motherboard.


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massdeth    0

Heres my Lian Li PC-V2010B with my custom window i made. that black trim is a replacement rubber hose used for a cars window wiper fluid, split by hand!! lol..., yes, im a modder by heart! it aint done till a saw has touched it. Also, i have two of these cases, long story, so this is the other stock case with the other case's doors. the other case is broken down and being modded. :)


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footman    0

Disappointed with the space at the top of my Storm Trooper I have recently defected to NZXT. CM needs to manufacture full tower cases with more space at the top for full sized rads that can be used in push pull. Stormtrooper was not one and Cosmos ll was not one either...


2500K at 4.8Ghz and single GTX 680 (still waiting for 2nd)...

All closed up and ready to go.. See if you can spot the wife's feet :-)


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allup    0

Well our case is not as nice as Footman's. Or his gals feet i would guess. :P .

Though it IS very nice on it's own. It is the C.M. CSX ":) Razor. IE: Extra fancy Stacker 830, custom hand Airbrushed and Side Windowed. The inside wiring is not perfect, and neither are we. For us, it's all about function,

not OCC inspired wiring work :P So i will Keep it simple and short.

Thanks Cooler Master for all my stuff. Old and new! :cat:





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