Lewis Denton

ML360R fans EXTREMELY loud!

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The fans on my ML360R are very loud and I’m not sure why. It’s correctly set up so I am really unsure, anyone know where or how I can make it quiet, as that is the only other fans except my gpu in my case. Which is a lot  more distinctive as it’s a 1070ti oc edition and sounds like an rc helicopter not the loud pulsing sound my ML360R is making. 

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Terry Locke    0

Same problem here with two of the fans on my rig.  I just bought the ML360R less than two weeks ago.  Over that two weeks the fans have gone from quiet to producing a sound that I can only describe as jackhammer noise. I logged a ticket with support and they just closed it without any explanation or suggestion on how to fix the problem or any offer to replace the fans.  I am very disappointed with this product and CoolerMaster support.


Sorry I have no suggestion of what to do other than what I am doing today and that is take it back to the retailer and ask for the money back.

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