MM710 scratchy mouse feet

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Glufs    0

When moving the mouse up and down on a cloth mouse pad like the SteelSeries QcK the mouse gets stuck making it not fit for gaming. It also scratches the mouse pad surface. Is this a quality issue with my mouse or are they all the same? The included extra feet look the same with sharp edges. Are there replacement feet with rounded edges that can be received after making an RMA or is there some other fix?


FYI there was no film/plastic covers to be removed on the feet on my mouse that other people have reported having. 

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Wobblins    0

This is gonna sound annoying but check really closely. I thought the feet were scratchy but it turned out that they just had the plastic film extremely neatly attached. I didn't wanna pull it off because I thought it was just part of the material. Don't worry, the feet are single pieces of cast and cut plastic, not layered, you can't pull them apart.
I will say the it was foolish of Coolermaster to not round the edges of the mouse feet. They were catchy on fabric mousemats until they wore down for me. You could detach the feet and use some glasspaper to sand the very edge of the feet, but be warned this WILL increase the abrasiveness of the feet in those areas and any sanding scatches will remain forever as the plastic is so hard.
Furthermore I've tested the MM710 without the plastic film on 2 "Glorious" mousemats, an old hardwood IKEA desk, and a dual sided "Razer" mousemat. The mouse only feels bad on the grippier side of the "Razer" mousemat. The Mouse feels and moves good on all surfaces that I know. Any imperfections in the feet will wear down in a month.

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