Weird RGB problem -- R and B but no G

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Hello all,

I have an issue with the RGB controller in the C700P, but it's a little different than any I've seen mentioned on this forum. I used the case RGB controller to control all the RGB accessories in my computer. Using Y-connectors, this single controller is powering 10 fans and 5 other RGB accessories.


This controller also controls the external case RGB strips.


Now, here's the problem. Everything lights up in sync, just as it should. Except that on the 15 RGB accessories, I get red and blue but not green. On the external case RGB strips, I get red green and blue. So when the external strips are glowing yellow (a color that has a green tint), the internal accessories glow red. When the external strips are green, the lights on the internal case accessories are dark. And so forth.


I'm wondering, could it be that I have too much of a power draw on a single controller? Should I link one of the outputs to a secondary controller and split the load? Or is there some other cause?

I'll tell you, wiring up this RGB system was the biggest cable-management nightmare I've faced in 25 years of building my own computers, and I am reluctant to tear things apart and experiment if it has no value. Before I attempt to do this, am I barking up the right tree? Or is it possible that the controller is defective?







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