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2 x 7800GTX OC cards in SLi with my aquagate... :(

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merovingian    0

They do as of a few days ago, needed a bios update. The gpu thinks that the fan is dead when it stops counting rpms and throttles back to protect itself. All fixed for bfg.

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Equinox    0
Those cards do not support WC at the moment.

Why not? The hardware for the 6800's fits the 7800's according to Danger Den.

I am missing out on something?

From Dangers Home page

NV-68 Block- There is a change to the 7800 series cards. The height difference of the RAM to the GPU has changed by about the diameter of a human hair (0.006 inches or 0.15mm). Danger Den will make a modifed block to officially work with the 7800 series. Also, there is RAM on the backside of the card. This requires a modifed backing plate and RAM sinks.

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