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HAF-912 parts

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I really would like to find a forum online for HAF-912 fans.  I have loved my 912 since I got in on a super great deal through Newegg (like I got it with free shipping and a rebate for less than 40.00).

While I was out on the road as an OTR trucker I "gave" my desktop to my daughter in law.  And, after 4 years back in town I finally got the case back.   However.

And this is where my pain starts.
It came back minus every part I had put in it.  No fans, no drives, nothing.
Umkay, fine, love the kid and well...whatever.


But, I now don't have the 3.5" bay cover for the 5.25" drive bay which I had twist tied to the back side of the cage when I installed a CD-Rom...which, given the state of current tech I don't need an optical drive in there.

Giant hole (missing drive bay cover).


I finally found a China supply for the drive rails so I could properly install the 1T drive and have a couple of spares so I can load in some more drives for storage.

What I can not find, no matter how much I search is a replacement for that drive bay cover and it is driving me crazy.


So, wondering, does anyone on here have either a regular 5.25" or the 5.25w/3.5" drive bay covers or, even better, a link to anyone that sells these after market?

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