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Dac Khoa Nguyen

A-RGB fan setup arrangement with the A-RGB controller

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Hi all,

So I have plan for the following fan in my system with an Aorus X470 Gaming 7 motherboard

  • 2x MasterFan MF120ARGB 3 in one (6 fans in total)
  • 1x MasterFan MF140 ARGB
  • 1x MasterFan MF140 RGB

The 140mm fan will be the standalone and plug straight into the mobo. That aside I am struggling to figure out the arrangement for the remaining 7 fans. I am considering the two options below:

Option 1: Using the small ARGB hub included in MF ARGB kit:

The drawback of this is that it can only support up to 6 fans so the MF140 ARGB will have to be wired directly to the motherboard. I cannot use two controller as the Masterplus software does not support 2 hub at once

Option 2: Using the bigger ARGB hub:

I contact Cooler Master Rep and they said this will be released towards the end of the year as a standalone unit

With this I can wired all my fans to one hub and control it from the MasterPLus software. The drawback is that I have to wait till some indefinite time in the future

I have some questions as below:

  • Which option should I go for?
  • What cable is required to connect the controller to the motherboard through the micro usb header connection and where to buy it? I was searching for that everywhere and have yet to find an answer.
  • Can I plug all 7 fans daisy chain to one small argb hub?
  • what happen when I plug an RGB fan to an ARGB hub?

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Posted (edited)

Here is the cable


The ARGB and RGB hadders are not compatible and you´ll damage your fans if use a wrong led header !

The RGB has 4 pin (+12VDC/R/G/B) and the A-RGB has  3 PIN (GND/Data/+5VDC)

You can use in parallel (split cable) , but get though by the current supported by the controller !  At this way the parallel ones will run  like a single one , splitting the data info and power.





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