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So, the Cosmos  C700p black edition supports two 5.25" bays.  However, in order to use the second slot you have to remove the front fan bracket as it is too tall. 

Does anyone know if a shorter bracket is available? 


It is a little stupid to be stuck having no intake fans on the front of this case in order to use a disk drive and a card reader. 

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erikpsmith    0

I just posted another message on this forum about this topic, but yes, there is a solution. Cooler Master doesn't offer a bracket of this type, and parts availability for some of the most important accessories (hard drive cages, the full-size accessory cooling bracket) is so awful that honestly you couldn't be sure to find it even if it was offered.

So you have to build it yourself. I got a flat narrow piece of aluminum at Home Depot and used it to fashion a bracket of my own. The pictures will tell the story, but let me suggest two things I learned from experience. First, you want to mount this from the inside of the case, not the outside. Mount it on the outside and it will cause the front plastic panel to bulge. The installed photo shows how it should be lined up. Second, there are mounting holes already drilled and threaded in the case. But you will need to drill holes in the aluminum pieces with great precision in order to get everything to line up properly. I suggest using a drill press. Also, to cut the aluminum pieces, I used a dremel tool.




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