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Enrique Lizárraga

Will a Mastercase 5 tempered glass side panel fit a Masterbox 5?

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Hello everyone.


I currently have a Masterbox 5, and I'm wondering if a Mastecase 5 tempered glass side panel would fit on it. I'm asking because I've searched everywhere for the official Masterbox 5 side panel to buy it, but I've only been able to find for the Mastercase 5.


I've even considered modding my current side panel adding the tempered glass, but I think it would be a last resort in case I can't find one that fits.





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Well, I finally did it, and it was a mixed bag. First of all, the glass needs to be glued from the inside of the panel, and it gets in the way of the locking mechanism of the case. Because of this, the frame can't be properly locked from the top and bottom of the case, only from the back with the screws. This is barely noticeable, but the fact of the matter is that the frame is a little bent and I don't think that's good for the glue and glass. To avoid this bending, I could cut the locking tabs on the frame, as it'll be held in place thanks to the two thumbscrews on the back.


Another thing is that I think that over time, the glue will be affected by the GPU's heat and will eventually fall off.


Anyway, as for looks, I think it looks great and it wasn't that expensive to make it so.



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