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minimal case to fit cooler master 212 hyper

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vreyaz    0

i had pc case size: 235mm x 438mm x 433mm (t1g pro armagedon) xan i fit this hyper 212 on this case?? 

sory for my bad english

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Sneakypuss    0

Yes, should fit either full tempered glass side panel or raised 2/3 acrylic side panel.


Your case:

width(height) 235mm - minus say 2.5cm for motherboard and cpu socket mounting, 210mm 


Cant find detailed specs for your case in regards to any cpu cooler height limits. 


Hyper 212

width(height) 158mm


Should fit fine in your case,


I have a hyper 212x (height same as 212; 158mm) in my case thermaltake Versa H17 (width/height 208mm) it fits just barely with the heatpipe ends either just touching the side panel window or just touching it lol. 


looking at my cases spec sheet I'm actually over their specified cooler height limitation, it fits though.

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additional info.

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