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tdx79    1
On 10/10/2019 at 6:30 PM, Inony said:

Up until now, everything came out as designed. It may not be a hi-end pc because the hardware I received was donated form my friends but i hope you like the overview of the work. If you like it, I'm happy too.:love5: 








This is just the best ever mod... simply an artwork.

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gentoox    4
On 9/22/2019 at 3:04 PM, Inony said:



                            Hello everyone, this is my first work in this contest. I'm from Thailand.

                         For this job, I will mainly use 3d printing. It's the only thing I have at home.

                     That made me use my free time to work all the time. :toothy8:







 It happened when I played a futuristic game in 3000 A.D., a world in which AI developed itself to its peak. They have their own ideas.Until can convert the biomass into energy. Therefore do not have to rely on humans anymore. They evolve themselves to survive.The wicked world has been destroyed until the end. And humans are no longer the culmination of the food chain














Amazing job man ! 

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Inony    14

Thank you for all the comments. I'm glad many people like my work :toothy8:. And apologize to the persons who asked to share the work file I can't give it to you.  Because the design is the only thing Which tells of who I am


This job is a prototype, I think it is strong to a certain extent. But still not good enough for what I intended. In order not to break the rules in the contest. I will wait until the end of the contest decision and announce the results. In red color, I will strengthen the main structure that must support the weight with iron.  According to my intention that I was unable to do so within the contest time. It is the final version that is stronger in a gentle overview of the original.











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EazyT4RG3T    0

I don't normally like open air computer cases, but I have a thing for sharks and your design makes me super jealous that this isn't my computer.


Excellent job!

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