Me Building with the H100

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BAGamer    0

Link to the video below:



Cable Management was a nightmare with this build. Not a lot of space to work with. I already suck with cable management on most builds. Go modular when using a PSU for this case to help with cable management. It was extremely hard to plug in almost everything into the motherboard. I recommend plugging in as much as you can into the motherboard OUTSIDE the case. I use the G100M with a 2600x CPU and it runs warmish in my opinion (40C).


This build took me so long just because I was plugging everything in. Once everything is said and done, everything looks really pretty.

Part list is below:

Ryzen 5 2600X:


Cooler Master G100M Air Cooler (CPU):


Cooler Master MasterCase H100:


Gigabyte GTX 1650 Mini:




Patriot Viper Blackout Edition 3000Mhz:


Cooler Master 500 MWE Bronze, 80+:

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soundzen    0

nice case! i might upgrade mine to one like yours! H100 is taller and has an handle and cool big RGB fan... what not to like - cheap too

as you said, do pay extra for modular psu and you will only have to plug half the number of cables from basic PSU (cant cut them off)

had same problem with my case, so i swapped psu now i only have 4 cables to run leaving my case with more room inside - lot air flow!

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