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Ali Abbas

THE TRILOBYTE, not ready in time..

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Ali Abbas    32

Hi guys and now I would like to start my Scratch Build Worklog for the CMWS2019 too.

This mod is the first time that I am entering a competition with this kind of case. Its a mix of Handmade as I usually make and lasered parts.

I wanted to show that I can use these machines as well just like all the other modders.

However I tend to go bonkers with them too. They are too sterile and plain 90°, 45° and symetric are just too easy.

Anyway, Its called TRILOBYTE, because of its similarity in a very abstract way to the Fossil.

So, More to come.

This time, It starts off with 3 weeks of programming. I hated every minute of it :-)


layout plan.png

layout plan2.jpg

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Ali Abbas    32

hi guys, so now its official. I wont be ready in time. 

But as usual, My conecpt and theme is more important than doing it in a hurry and not having thes result i want.

So good luck to you all and Long live 100 percent handmade mods.

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