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IrenModz    6

Having time to upload the worklog.
Lets start with the water pump.
Thanks to Bitspower for providing with 2 x D5 and the top mod for dual D5.

Pump - Bitspower D5 Vario Pump | BP-D5VP
Top  Mod - Bitspower 
Dual D5 MOD TOP Extreme -  D5TOPX2

Made a simple custom floor stand so that the pump and mod top can stand on the floor without having to "sacrifice" the cables.











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IrenModz    6

Done with the pumps and mod top lets go to the reservoir.

Bistspower sent me the Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 200.
Decided to change the black pom caps to white version.

Making the custom holder for the reservoir so that i can mount it on the front of the case.








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IrenModz    6

Really behind the schedule now with few days left for due date....
Updates on the Bitspower reservoir.
Making internal logo plate for it.

Laser cut is really helpful in speeding up things.



Engraved the Cooler Master logo and the project codename



Peel of the protective paper film and really satisfied with the finishing.



Assembling the holder with the plate inside the reservoir.



Looking GOOD!!











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IrenModz    6

Move top next job.
Front panel mount (plate) for the reservoir holder.
Making the inside case more clean and easy to attach the reservoir.


Using black gloss 3mm acrylic with few screw holes (140mm x 2 mount) to make it more secure.
On top and bottom there are cut outs for the tubing pass thru.



Behind the reservoir holder i've drilled 6 x M3 size screw hole (8mm acrylic).
Forgot to snap picture of it.



Mounted it on the case.
Main problem is if there is enough clearance to put back the  SL600M original front panel



Front panel without the aluminum plate attached.
I ve no idea if it s possible to attache the aluminum plate on it.


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IrenModz    6

Okay this is the biggest thing about this mod.
Custom made hardware!!!!
Motherboard, cpu, gpu and memories!!!


The idea behind this mod is cost effective and to show to other that you can still "MOD ON' even without sponsorship or hardware.
Of course it all are dummies.


We start with the motherboard.
First we do the mock up first.
With thinner acrylic so that i dont waste if it s fail.

Plan is to use 5mm for the final one
For mock up i ll be using 2.5mm waste (scratches) acrylic.


I ve been working for the design for sometime.



Laser cut the mock piece.





This is the 3rd piece after some try and error with the motherboard waterblock screw holes cut out.

I am using a leftover waterblock from my last project.
The waterblock is for ASUS Rampage 3 Extreme. LGA 1366 socket board.
Will seat perfect for this project.




Finally everything is nearly align. 



Test the CPU waterblock with LGA115x socket mount.
Realized that i need to re position the mount to the bottom a bit.


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IrenModz    6

I am supposed to used 12mm clear acrylic tubing on this project.
However i can't find it. I have no idea where it went missing....
Luckily i still have the Bitpsower brass copper 12m tubing.
Thing about this tube it wasn't design for bending. However i ll try and see how.




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IrenModz    6

All the required pieces attach to the base plate.

IO Cover, and the rest of the mobo armor plates






And here comes the problem.

only the top and middle screw holes are aligned.
The other 3 on the bottom are off.
Around 2-3 mm.
The measurement supposedly correct and precise.


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IrenModz    6

So the machine have some axis issues.
It doesn't follow the right size of the drawing from the computer.
Just on one axis. the offset is too much. 
Minus 2 mm.


Picture is not related to the issue.


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