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Hello!  My name is Drew, I'm a case modding hobbyist.


For this build I wanted to do something more simple and clean, I decided on a monochromatic theme with no RGB. I decided on using chrome tubing for the first time and I designed a custom sl600m distro plate for the case as well. The distro plate was created by 3D scanning the case and then modeling around it. i wanted minimal tubing runs hense the secondary chamber in the plate.


The goal of this build is to be able to easily swap out coolant colors and for it to stay just as clean as with just black.


The build features the following specs:

Cooler Master SL600M 

Ryzen R9 3900x

32gb DDR4 Corsair Dominator Platinum Ram

Nvidia GTX 1080 ti

MSI x470 Gaming AC Motherboard


Watercooling parts include:



My own custom work


If you have any questions on the build please let me know!



Initial product Shot






Vinyl Wrapped CPU Block





The custom distro plate that i had designed.



Picture of the plate getting milled.



After getting it made by Clockwork Industries.



Picture of the plate installed and some tubing ran.



Loop Complete






Started loop filling with purple fluid. Going to be changed to black. 



New Cables from Mainframe Customs




Build should be done the weekend of the 21st, stay tuned!



FINAL PHOTOS: There isn't enough space for all of them so be sure to check out the reply to see the other two photos.








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Final Pictures
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