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Project Maple was designed to be the most Canadian thing imaginable; With its proud Red and white, assortment of maple leafs, and even golden maple syrup pumping thru its waterways. Its an honor to be entering into the 10th Anniversary, and I hope you enjoy Project Maple.

Build List:

Mobo - Asus Maximus X Code - Painted
CPU - i5 9600k @ 4.8ghz
GPU - MSI 1080ti Aero OC
Ram - TeamGroup T-Force Nighthawk 4x8gb 3200mhz
SSD - TeamGroup T-Force 240gb
PSU - Seasonic focus+ Gold 850w
Case - Cooler Master MB530p with plenty of cosmetic mods.

CPU - Swiftech Apogee SKF Prestige w/Iris ARGB
GPU - Swiftech Komodo 1080ti w/CMWS19 painted backplate.
Pump/Res - (Cut down to 170mm) Swiftech Maelstrom 200mm(170mm) d5 w/Iris ARGB
Radiators - 3x Swiftech Hydrae GT(120/240/360) Painted Tornado red
Compression Fittings - Nanoxia CF 16mm hardline painted
Angled and extension Fittings - Swiftech Dual 45 rotary &15mm
Drain - Dazmode Darkside Pushvalve
Fluid - SwifTech "Mayhem" Dyes in distilled, and 1 drop of Dead Water

Fans - Swiftech Helix 120mm w/Iris ARGB
Controllers - Swiftech Iris ARGB Eco Controllers
Cables - Tpbmods created, using Telios Sleeving from Mainframe Customs
Cable Combs - Nanoxia CF with splatter paint job
Paint - BombingScience.Com Ironlak/Moltow/FlameBlue

MB530p Shroud rework - 10hrs
Basic shrouds just dont cut it for me, So I set out to make something Ive never seen done before. The 3D logo "Flag" came to me after a first attempt at simply painting on the logo, and it was just bland. Flannel top was always something I wanted to incorporate.

MB530p glass replacement - 7hrs
I wanted to keep the case as cosmetically stock as possible on the exterior, with the full focus on the internals. Originally I had planned to do the entire front, but 4 hours in, my back was in such agony from being hunched over the saw, I cut a leaf in the bottom right and cleaned it up. Off to paint.

The chop chop bits - 6hrs
Chop it up, make it fit.
Chop it more, paint it!
Fitment was one thing I didnt take into consideration with the MB530P.
I wanted perfomance, not just appearance!

A day of Color - 12hrs
So many parts to paint, such un-opportune times to paint.
Anyone whos ever tried to paint when its 35c+ out will know, its brutal
Your paint will dry before it has a chance to hit the mating surface, and too close will cause big time runs.  Painting had to be done first thing in the morning while it was a cool 20c and left to bake outside all day long.

And at last, the final stages.  - 20hrs
After taking a break for LTX19, I came back to work on making my cables, start on some tubes that I had to make while the case was still apart, get to riveting the case all back together, and assembly. I spent the better part of every free moment I had trying to get this looking good.   I am not the best at bending tubes freehand(only an insert) But I think it worked out well


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