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warboy    2











I'm creating a PC inspired by the Porsche and by the racing world.
There will be changes to the chassis, with custom loop, custom painting e custom part.


Hardware Specs:


Cpu:  Intel I5 9600k


Ram: XPG 32gb D41


SSD: Intel p600 512gb


PSU: CoolerMaster V750


VGA: Msi Gaming Rtx 2080 ventus


MB: MSI Z390 gaming pro carbon


Custom Loop:

WB: Masterliquid maker 240

Waterblock  VGA: ekwb vga

rad:  360 ekwb se

Pump: ek xtop revo d5 pwm plexi

Tank: ek res x3 150 rgb



I started by disassembling the case and replacing some parts with the chassis








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warboy    2

After painting the chassis, I created the lower plexy panel and I went on to test the "piston tank."











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