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This is the first time I am seriously participating in an international competition. Have also participated in competitions in several forums, but not done as seriously as this CMWS.

The theme I use in the "Desert Rat" case is "Military Scifi". but you are free to translate it according to your own perspective.


In each work that I make, I try a lot of ideas, and try to use many kinds of materials. For some circumstances, I am very interested in using acrylic or PVC sheet material in making PC modifications.

One of my characteristics in PC modification is to manipulate 2D material into a 3D shape. Maybe there are still many shortcomings and require a lot of effort and criticism to improve my work. But it's ok, I accept it gracefully.

Behind all this, I want to motivate many talented PC modders in my country. because,

"There is never a competency that is not tested in a competition".


Thank you in advance to many who have helped me in many ways.

Thank you to CoolerMaster for giving me the opportunity in this prestigious competition


Take the theme of the human struggle against heat in the desert. just as a PC fights heat from itself.





The CoolerMaster product that I use:

1. MasterBox Lite 3.1 | MCW-L3B3-KANN-01

2. Tempered Glass for MasterBox Lite 3.1 | MCA-B300C-TGSP00-LGT

3. MasterFan MF120R ARGB | R4-120R-20PC-R1 x2

4. MasterLiquid ML120R ARGB | MLX-D12M-A20PC-R1

5. V650 | RS650-AFBAG1-EU

6. ARGB Splitter Cable | MFX-AWHN-3NNN1-R1






The hardware that I use in this project are:

> MSI A320 PRO2-M2

> AMD Athlon 200GE

> Transcend 4gb DDR4

> Samsung 256gb V-NAND NVME SSD

> MSI GTX 1050 gaming X 2GB




MasterBox Lite 3.1 | MCW-L3B3-KANN-01




Begin to release accessories on the casing





I just took the frame










































as additional information, I don't use a 3D printer in this project. All the details that I made, using acrylic sheet materials with varying thicknesses, acrylic cylinders, and PETG tubing remaining pieces













collect some details and match the size of the initial stages





for the next worklog can be seen in the next column

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daguar    41
2 hours ago, Cloo.Meloo said:

It's just to awesome.... jangan lupa kopi nya master... #Sungkem

siap :D

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daguar    41
4 hours ago, Murdockcruz said:

Keep it The Good Work Master.. 

weisss ada yutuber  kahot. :wave:. nuhuun supportnyah yaaaaa

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