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Problem with Caps Lock, keyboard CK530

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So the thing is, after pressing Caps Lock once it would stop the rgb under it for a moment and it would go back to normal. But After downloading this software to customaize rgb and playing in it for a bit, something is wrong. Now when caps lock is Off there is no light under him and after I press it the backlight is ON all the time... same for scroll lock key. It pisses me off that with my caps lock off there is no backlight! I dont know what happend. Tryed reseting all profiles in this rgb software and nothing works. The problem occures in all modes, wave, static, circle etc. I dont understand why the backlight wouldn't come back after pressing it 2nd time to set it Off! Thats how it used to be all the time wth!

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huh I thought it wouldnt get any weirder. After changing mods with FN+F5 for example it seems to work fine! But if I change Mode using this Master Portal software for example Static, the backlight for Caps Lock is gone! And when I press it once to turn it On its back! Now If I set it to static mode using FN key, not the software, the backlight works fine when the Cpaslock is off, after pressing it once nothing happens, when before it would lose the backlight for a moment when set ON and it would come back in a moment. But thats what now happens when I press it 2nd time! after setting it Off the backlight is gone for a moment and comes back, before that was happening after setting it ON! Im not sure if anything I said here makes sense, but the point is that, the way backlight works under capslock and scr lk. is now reversed... o_o 

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