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Wolf Moonstar

MC500P - nice case, ssd location could use work

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I when my old system was stolen recently I started looking for my next one.  I have never used Cooler Master, my previous case being a personally modified Thermaltake Overseer, so was going in blind.  The case I chose, the MC500P, was a great choice for me because of the options it supports.  My new build is very clean, with this case giving excellent cable management right out of the box. 


My first issue is I had originally wanted to mount my two Team Group Vulcan Z SSDs in view so that the RBG lighting would reflect off their chrome trim.  I found this difficult, however, due to the positioning of the SSD trays on the PSU shroud.  The PSU and SATA cables end up touching my motherboard when I tried to mount them in view, so I opted in the end to mound them behind the MB Tray.  It would've been nicer to have a little more room, however, this is still a wonderful case.


The second issue I have is one that any builder expects...the stock fans are okay but not great.  I am still deciding on what I want to replace them with...the MF120R or the SF120R.  I have the Hyper 212 Phantom Gaming with the SF120R and like the look...but they are difficult to find compared to the MF120R RGB kits.  Not a big deal right now, just thinking about the future.

So my rating on it is a definite 10/10.  It has the functionality and looks I want.

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