Mahdi Hijazi

keyboard not detected by portal

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Same here.

I've got Windows 10.

Keyboard is directly attached to an USB Port on the motherboard right next to my Coolermaster MM830 Mouse - which is recognized correctly.

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Same here. Keyboard SK630 does not seem to be found by software named "Cooler Master Portal". The program version is supposed to be 1.0.1 but the properties of the file "Cooler Master Portal.exe" displays version "" and that last change of the file happened 2017-10-16. Attached are screenshot of the program that dopes not have any way of adjusting the led colors of the keyboard.


I also tried downloading "CoolerMaster SDK v26 20190424.rar" and running "ColorChange.exe" that was inside the rar file. I only get some asian letters I don't understand in tyhe userinterface (see attachment). Pushing the few buttons does not seem to do anything.
I was promised software to adjust the led color of my keyboard. But is does not seem to be there or difficult to find.

User interface of ColorChange.exe.png

Cooler Master Portal.png

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