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Another C700P parts issue

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Hey guys, I posted this on the CM facebook page, but doubt it will get approved for public consumption there so am trying here as well. 

On 5/24 I submitted a support ticket (ticket # is 5834) in regard to my C700P LED's not working and inquiring about the availability of hard drive trays. 2 weeks later (6/11) I received a response stating that I would be sent a new PCB but was told the 9 pin PCB is out of stock. I have not received any updates since and my ticket is closed, also, when I go to the RMA support page, it does not list any active RMA's. Is there anyone I can contact to get this resolved? It is a pretty expensive case and to have the lights not work and have no ETA on a new part is really frustrating. Especially since the lights are one of the biggest reasons I bought it. Thanks in advance

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erikpsmith    0

I saw your lament elsewhere on this forum, and responded, but in case you didn't get an email alert -- about six months ago, I found the elusive hard drive cages at a shop in Australia/New Zealand. I had to pay $100 U.S. for four, but these things seemed to be sold out/unavailable anywhere else in the world, and I counted myself lucky to find them.

The supplier contact info is:


PB Technologies Ltd
Phone: 09-526-9200

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