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I would like to see CM make a case that is similar to a test bench design with 1 200mm RGB fan at the front a 140mm RGB fan at the rear of the case, glass top and sides and some where to place the power supply and of course the usual  power on button panel etc at the top front. Also to accommodate ATX boards or a smaller one to accommodate mATX motherboards etc. I ask this because my current case H500M white mesh case cannot support my GTX1070 properly as it sags over time and will eventually die I imagine, and so if the GPU was vertical like in a test bench scenario  with the motherboard under it it will probably last a lot longer imao. Patent that one CM, hope to see it soon cheers;)…. update: there is of course the H500M case which came with a GPU support brace nice one, But I cannot buy the brace on it's own :( as I have already inquired.

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