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Masterbox MB530p questions! ?!?!?

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Madhaze    0

Hi all! 


 Please let me know your experience with this case '' masterbox MB530p''


 I'm currently in the process of upgrading . I bought masterbox MB530p the and would like to know if any one here has experience with mounting a 240/360 AIO at the front of this case? I'd like to know what the thermals are like inside the case,  as this will determine what cpu cooler I buy .


I'm waiting for the new 'Ryzen  x570' motherboards to be released , these boards run hot and have a fan on the south bridge , so I'm concerned that a radiator at the front might heat this part of the mobo too much? I can't place the Rad at the top (or rather I don't want to) as I all ready own 2 x 140 rgb LLfans to go up top as exhaust fans.


In short! Is there enough airflow being pulled from the front of this case? I was thinking of buying a 240mm rad and mounting it at the front/top , leaving the bottom fan as intake only , not needing 'blow' through the radiator . Though if a 360 Rad works with no issues ,I'd rather the 360.


Also , I have replaced (or will be) the coolermaster fans at the front of the case with the corsair LL series and will use the corsair rgb ecosystem with this case (commander pro etc) so my other question is , can I still connect the RGB lights to the 'on button' at the front of the case?  if so , how? What cable to I need to use / plug in to get the RGB on the front panel 'on switch' I won't need to use the controller for the fans. Thanks for any help / advise .

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