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Ok so I recently built my first CPU and for the most part I'm pretty sure I did great. However, under a heavy workload my fan from the liquid coolers radiator seems to push itself low enough to make contact with the memory sticks installed on the mo bo. This as you can imagine shatters my nerves and I'm sure in time would shatter my fan blades. Any help working this out would be appreciated beyond belief.



No it doesnt happen all the time.

If you're looking at the picture the fan I'm referencing is at the top of the picture to the right 15609116375717956120753583385057.thumb.jpg.ffb6db3bf9ad60d352dd4c8deb7e8ce7.jpg

I was downloading a video file when it happened

The case is a Thermaltake (j25? I'll update)

You can hear it starting to make contact gradually until it fully engages the memory stick and stops

And no,  I'm not incredibly tech savvy,  I am trying something out of my normal comfort zone here.

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Big Country    1

well im a It Tech pro and would be going ape shiz if that was occuring, so i see on the front side of youre PC can you mount the Radiator there instead, and just move 2 front fans to the top? maybe that would solve youre issue, if that dont work out get a fan speed control panel for single fan and hook that single fan up to it and rev it up to the highest speed you want it going to without it getting high enough to start grinding on youre memory sticks....or a bigger case................oh and nice system btw

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