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Mod83 are delighted to annouce a new build featuring the ASRock Phantom Gaming Alliance in association with Cooler Master and Team Group.

The new build will be based on the AMD Threadripper platform using the ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6 motherboard, a feature filled premium ATX board designed for gaming.


The motherboard will be paired with components from Team Group, notably XCalibur Phantom Gaming RGB (4x8gb) DDR4 3200 and the T-Force Delta Phantom Gaming RGB 256Gb SSD.


The build will then be completed with hardware from Cooler Master including the H500P and Wraith Ripper cooling solution.


We will of course bring you all the build updates as they happen and component reviews along the way. Stay tuned for updates as we begin this new build!

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We have now taken delivery of most of the components we will be needing for this build, we are still waiting on a few but we have enough to get started. The specs for this build will be;


  • AMD Threadripper 1950X
  • X399 Phantom Gaming 6 Motherboard
  • TeamGroup Excalibur 32Gb DDR4 3200
  • ASUS Strix GTX 1070
  • TeamGroup Delta 256SSD
  • Cooler Master 750W PSU
  • Cooler Master H500P
  • Cooler Master Wraith Ripper
  • Cooler Master MF120 Case Fans



We will of course take a look at all the hardware in a little more depth with our reviews coming during the build. For now we will be starting with getting the motherboard and additional components in place so that I can start looking at taking measurements for some custom trim work both internal and external.


Our thanks once again to ASRock, TeamGroup and Cooler Master for making this build possible.

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Our Phantom Gaming build is now underway with the first parts being installed. The H500P has bee stripped of its PSU basement shrouds ready for replacements to be fabricated giving us easy access to start fitting components.

So far we have installed the Cooler Master MF120mm fans, V750 PSU and Phantom Gaming 6 motherboard from ASRock.


The most exciting part today though is the CPU, AMD were kind enough to send over their flagship 2990WX instead of a 1950X for this build. This is a monster of a CPU and given its our first experience with Threadripper we are really excited to see how it performs. This rig will be used for upcoming builds as a video editing workstation so we have all the grunt we need for footage.


So the hardware is coming along nicely so far but then we hit a snag. Due to the height of the TeamGroup Phantom Gaming DDR4 we are using the Wraith Ripper is about 3mm short of clearance and cannot be used. We are on with arranging an alternative cooler so we will bring more on that in our next update.

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