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CrazySens    0

Had to move my computer closer. Keyboard works okey as long as it is not far from computer. If i put my hand between the keyboard and the computer it will lose connection. Bluetooth connection is realy bad.


I have not heard back from CoolerMaster about this problem. I sent them a support request. I find no info on this problem online, eksept people having these troubles. no solution. 


I realy like the keyboard layout and keys, batterylife is okey. 


I will stay clear of CoolerMasterproducts in the future since the lack of support, information and bad product.  


I`m happy that i can return this product too my vendor and get my money back. 




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H    0



I´m having the same problem. The Bluetooth connection gets is very unstable. Randomly during the use of the keyboard the connection gets lost. I'm very close to my PC. I use Windows 10. 

When the connection gets lost, the last key I pressed is continuously pressed automatically until I turn off the bluetooth in the computer. 


Can this be fixed by a software upgrade? I really like the keyboard but this problem affects the user experience and for the high price paid for a keyboard it's an inadmisible mistake.


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ceevee    0

I have the white version of the SK621, latest firmware as of this date. I'm experiencing constant bluetooth disconnection with a Windows 10 PC. If I monitor the Windows 10 bluetooth settings, I can see the SK621 device status alternate between "Paired" and "Connected".


This all results in keystrokes being missed sometimes until i keep pressing a key to force a reconnection. It doesn't seem to disconnect if I am constantly typing, such as playing a PC game (e.g. first person shooter). But if I am browsing the web, the pauses in typing while viewing a web page will drop the bluetooth connection.


I've also tried connecting to an iPad running iOS 13. There are disconnections, even with the iPad directly in front of the SK621 keyboard.

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jovu55    0

Same issue here - BT dropouts


Just bought this keyboard, as it looks great.  Been after a 60% keyboard and finally this came in stock at my local retailer got it in stock after pandemic lockdown levels reduced.  On windows 10, 1903 - seems to drop connection frequently and sometimes randomly.  Also when the RGB is cycling near the end, it just stops registering any input or keystrokes until the cycle restarts from the beginning, which is really annoying. 


I am telling myself to live with it, as it is a damn pretty keyboard and something that I actually like (I don't tend to like the brown switches yet) but am having doubts whether to give up on this.


I hope a software update fixes this soon - and I agree their software is quite bad as well.  Let's not talk about how hard it is to change the lighting on the fly wirelessly even though it's touted as one of its main features.


Wow, and I spent $200 on this.


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dldl    0

Still having this issue, just bought it, and BT connection is nowhere to be seen, it has been a year now and no word from CM on that issue.


Well of course you can stand like 10 cm from pc, but this just beats the purpose if you need to use cable instead, this looks more like false advertising.


Much sad :(

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