H500m - I/O switch not working properly

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I’ve just bought this new H500M case by end of may.


I set all my pieces in it and started with the I/O switch. Then I had to restart and pressed I/O switch again but I was not able to launch my computer. The switch button couldn’t launch it after many tries...

I decided to take the front panel off. I could notice that the I/O switch didn’t properly go to it’s initial position. I managed to put it back but after 2 pushes, it was blocked again. The only way to unblock it is hitting it slowly from inside the panel.


Impossible for me to put the front panel back in position as if the I/O blocks, I would have to unmount the front panel again.

I contacted reseller that told me I have to send back the whole case but I actually need it and I can’t take time to unmount/mount all pieces again…


How can I get this piece working please ? Is it possible to receive a new circuit board from the front panel with a working I/O switch please ?


Waiting for your help.





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Kiki8844    1



This is what I've done. I received a replacement part yesterday by mail.


Very reactive support ! 


Thanks a lot.

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