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I only have 4 RGB colors available all of a sudden?

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So for some unknown reason, I have only 4 RGB colors available to me right now. I used to have every color, but now only 4. My system was red themed, and I did some cable management to clean it up a little and unplugged the RGB things from the computer. Well when I plugged everything back in. After making sure it was the way it was. I reset the CMOS because I had another problem, that was fixed, but now my cooler master cooler only has Pink, White, Blue and Light Blue available to choose from. I can change the color and what not, but only to those 4 colors. I cant even turn it off without unplugging the cables. I have tried many programs, the RGB controller provided with the cooler, updating the BIOS, like I went hard trying to get it to work. Any help would be great. I cant get in contact with cooler master themselves at all. So having help from here would be the best probably. Thanks.

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