K500 How do i change colour of fans?

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Jay    0

I got my prebuilt pc a while back in January 2019 and I wanted to change the colour from green (which it has always been) to blue but I didn't know how to so I went on Youtube to see reviews on the case and I saw one guy press a button on the top/front of the case to cycle the colour but when I pressed it, it just restarted the pc. So I checked all the wiring and its all in the right places. And now I'm really confused. I thought I could deal with it but its really annoying me now with it being green and not blue. Is there something I'm not getting or what?


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CM Michiel    18

Hi Jay,


There is a RGB LED controller included in the K500 case.
You can connect the fan RGB connectors to this controller and connect the reset switch from the case also to this controller so you can control the RGB with the reset button on top of the case :) 


LED controller K500: 


How to connect the RGB LED controller: 



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