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Maker5 led & fan controller was burned.

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I live in Republic of Korea(South Korea).
I set up my computer(maker5) Oct. 2018. and it worked well.
At 3rd of Apr. 2019. I found front fans and upper fans were stopped.
Exactly, on low fan mode, they didn't work. On high fan mode, they worked.


I think something was wrong, so I opened maker5.
I was shocked that I found one part of controller was melt down and it penetrated its plastic case in a half.
One part of controller was overheated and fell off from the PCB, and melt down its case.
If that fell to cables inside maker5, it made a fire disaster, I think.

And I call the seller and they gave me another controller, I installed it.

But at 11th of May 2019. After just one month I re-intalled it, same thing was happened.
So I re-called the seller and they will investigate it, and they'll gave me another one.


I use a EVGA 1300W Gold G3 PSU. 
I want to know why the controller was overheated TWICE !


There was no other parts connected by a cable beween the controller and PSU.
It's very dangerous.
I do not want the same thing to happen to me.


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