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Where can i get AM4 kit for the Hyper 212 evo so i can use it for b450 motherboard ?

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I have a hyper 212 evo that i purchased in 2017 and i recently bought a b450 motherboard and now i cant use this cooler because i dont have a bracket . i have looked everywhere online and no one sells the AM4 Kit anywhere. Where can i get the AM4 kit to mount the cooler ? i dont want to buy another cooler .

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CM Michiel    18

Hi all,


We had AM4 upgrade kits available for the Hyper 212 EVO but unfortunately are these sold out and will not become available again.

Current new versions Hyper 212 EVO have the AM4 brackets already included in the accessory pack. 

These new Hyper 212 EVO accessory packs are available on our CM store. 

With this new accessory pack you can install the Hyper 212 EVO on socket AM4:

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When will this kit become available in North America?

At the moment it's cheaper to buy a new (non-Cooler Master) cooler than to ship the accessory kit from Europe.

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