PSU Gold 650 mwe fully mod

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yuss    0

First of all, im living outside US, i ordered my the psu from amazon,and i use a freight forwarder service to ship items from the us to my country.

i have never used any cooler master psu before, and i decided to buy this product since the price is not bad it's really cheap for a gold rated psu, when i install it on my main rig, it turns on just fine, nothing unusual. but when i turn it off and try to turn it on again, it wont turn on, i was having a mini heart attack, i tried to check with everything, after few mins,  of clicking the power button, it still wont work, but it was after 15-20 mins, it turns on again, it works. im not sure if it's defective or not, or is it due to my other parts, i bought an evga b3 650 a bronze rated psu, and it works just the way i wanted it too.

i thought that the cm power supply still not fully dissipate the power since my keyboard still lights up after i turn it off.

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Bob_Fractic    0

I'm having the same exact problem! Did you send it back to Cooler Master? I used a voltmeter to test the voltage output and everything was fine, but when i tried to switch the power on it doesn't work unless i leave it there for 15-20 mins. 

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