ML360 RGB TR4 Front Intake vs Outake Cooling Installation

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Snafu64    0

Newbie PC Builder here.  I wanted the 360 model, but it won't fit on top of the case (phantom eclipse p400), but it can mount on the front of the CPU with an intake configuration once I removed the 3.5 slots (don't need them).  How do I install this for a front configuration? 


Instruction manual doesn't address this configuration really.  Do I mount the fans to the radiator the same exact way?  Or Should the fans be facing the outer side of the case (logo facing which way) and then the radiator is in the inside?  Is there software that controls which way the fan spins?  Instructions had nothing but pics! Thanks in advance!



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Fans always blow toward the logo.  To keep the RGB effects lighting the interior of the case you would have to flip the fans to logo side down.

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