Adjust MasterLiquid 120 pump speed

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casey888    0

Is it possible and safe to adjust the pump speed of the MasterLiquid 120, 120 Lite and 120 Pro AIOs?


I've read conflicting reports that you can:

1) Set a custom PWM "fan curve" to reduce the speed of the pump, and therefore the noise.

2) Reduce the voltage of the pump in the BIOS to reduce speed and noise

3) Should only run AIO pumps at a full 12V, and that giving it any less could damage the pump.


Is it possible to safely down the pump a little bit on the MasterLiquid series of AIOs?

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CM Michiel    18

Hi Casey888.


It's not recommended to do this since the pump has been designed to run at 100% all the time ;)


Please Note: Lowering the pump RPM can decrease the performance of the cooler along with increasing CPU temperatures.

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Leo501    0



Indeed it is not recommended , but it is also not recommended to make a pomp that has soo much loud noise , cracks and poops , water sounds etc. And told me that this is "normal" pump operation?! From 2200 rpm i have reduce the speed to 1600 rpm all the time , added 2 push/pull fans and the temps are very good now and the pump is quiet so far... 


LE: I will test with 1200rpm also soon

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