masterkeys pro l does not keep the profiles saved

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I have a problem with the masterkeys pro l rgb keyboard after the keyboard management program has automatically updated the keyboard firmware. Everything worked before.
I can't keep the profiles p1 p2 p3 p4 active without opening the cm portal program. That is, the keyboard at the start of windows works for the first 5 seconds; if I scroll between the various saved profiles they work but then they become all the red keys. If I press p1 p2 p3 p4, it doesn't change them but it just turns them off. If instead I use cm portal and I press start, the 4 profiles are selectable from the keyboard and there are no problems until the moment I turn off the PC. In fact, in the new start of windows the situation described above will recur again.
I tried:
- press fn + esc
- press fn + e / r
- uninstall the keyboard
- uninstall cm portal
NOTHING. The problem at every PC restart occurs again.
How can I solve it?
( is as if the keyboard / pc needed the cm portal program to work)

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Szilard    0

I've had the same problem since I reinstalled Windows, didn't even think a FW update would be the cause. Can we revert to an older version?

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