Joseph Chapman

Considering MasterLiquid ML240L RGB for my CPU

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Hello all,

I could use some advice.  I'm in the process of completely upgrading my rig and am new to liquid cooling, as I've always been so paranoid about leaks, but I am very seriously considering the MasterLiquid ML240L RGB for my CPU cooler.  I have a HAF X case, which has served me very well over the years, but I'm unsure about where I'd be able to mount the radiator.  It's already got a ton of cooling capability with it's front 230x30 mm red LED fan, top 200x30mm fan, side 200x30mm fan, and rear 140x25mm fan.  It looks like it's got some kind of mounting points at the top of the case, but after doing some research I feel a front mount would be better.  Is there any way of doing that with the HAF X or am I going to just have to deal with the top mounting?  Here is the components I'll be using:


CPU 41EDFtP5hpL.jpg $479.99   FREE   $479.99 Walmart Buy
CPU Cooler a34cda2e4fd2837ff90811e8395be84b.256p.jpg $69.99   FREE   $69.99 Newegg (Overridden) Buy
Motherboard 51DZf-KOjZL.jpg $181.99   $3.99   $185.98 SuperBiiz Buy
Memory 41qnj%2Bn9BGL.jpg $254.99   $0.99   $255.98 Newegg Buy
Storage 41qR7C253KL.jpg $147.99   Free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime   $147.99 Amazon Buy
  76686d414b4e8ac4c7926387757282ab.256p.jpg $179.89   FREE   $179.89 OutletPC Buy
Video Card 92b241ae69486a36fc0f1308805fa8c5.256p.jpg



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HiNuG    0

do not do it. Cooler master cpu cooling are a joke. Support is a joke. Mine is broken and read through the forums. 

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