Does this PSU fit into the Master Case h500?

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Andrew    0

Does anyone know if the Seasonic SSR-TR850 PSU will easily fit into the Master Case h500?  I see that the PSU is 170mm and that the case supports 180mm, but what I'm wondering is, will it still fit in this case when you consider the PSU modular cables, when attached to the back of the PSU, will stick out further than 180mm.  Will there be enough room so that I can still attach the PSU cables? I don't plan to use one of slots in the HD cage, so I'm wondering if it will be possible, or necessary to pass the PSU cables though that cage and then somehow get to the back of the m/b, or is any of this even an issue.  Perhaps I'm over thinking this?

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CM Michiel    18

Hi Andrew,


That will be no problem at all, there is enough space left for the modular cables :) 

When you don't have to use the HDD cage, then you can remove the HDD cage or route the modular cables through the HDD cage ;) 

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