FN+F9 to lock windows ?

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VannaV    0

Hi All,


It's first time I bought mechanical keyboard, so I choose Masterkey Pro L RGB because some positive review.

Still in learning to maximize to use it.


But, I have a question about FN+F9 key. Because in manual said that keys is function to lock windows. But when I tried, nothing happen. Windows still in active desktop, not bring to windows sign-in as like my other keyboard. Tried in another PC, laptop, different Windows version, still not as I hope. Maybe I missing something and you guys may come to help me ?


As FYI, as individual keys, no problem at all. F9 key function perfectly, FN key too. Just problem in FN+F9 to locking windows.

And if I press FN key there three key come to lit, F5, F9 and P4 key. If FN+F9 key press, F9 will unlit and press again FN+F9, F9 back to lit again. Tried


Best Regards



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