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Tonyito    0

Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my problem but I've been searching for days and can't find an answer.


Anyway, I have a brand new Coolermaster Masterliquid ML240L RGB installed, and while the fans and the pump are all working fine, I can't get the LEDs to work. It's not lighting up at all. I followed the instructions as diligently as possible but somehow I can't get it to light up. I wonder if I'm missing something? 


Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.




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Jacob68    0

Your pics doesnt tell much. What mobo brand and model? How did you connect the rgb? Controller? Directly to the mobo with a rgb splitter?

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Fredrick    0

I am having a similar issue. I believe its their manufab process and the build quality and material quality. I cannot get the second fan LEDs to work. I tested all the ports. For example if I plug/unplug into a different port the first Fan LED and Second FAN LED wont work and neither will the CPU cooler will not. However if I unplug the CPU Port then the Fan light will come on. I believe the controller is defect and I need a new one. It seems there is a big lack of Master Cooler support from the company, so I plan on taking it back and getting a Corsair cooler.


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