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I'm using Masterbox K500L for a week. I'm not happy with front 2 red fans that comes with the case preinstalled. They are too loud. Since there is no way to control their speed there is a significant noise even at idle, due to the max fan speed. After some digging i have finally learn the model number for these fans which is "202000910-GP".


I couldn't find any specs for these fans in the web. How can i learn the specs of this model so i can compare with other models to find a less noisy fans? Also if someone can give me any suggestions for replacement of these 120mm rgb fan will be very helpful and make me happy. Thanks for reading this post.

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Hello! I have the same exact case and I have experienced the same problem; thus, I have bought be quiet! Pure WIngs 2 120mm fans (I did not want to spend too much money): they do not have RGB, but they work very well.


At max speed (1500 rpm) they are noisy, but less than the stock fans. I have managed to slow them down by entering the BIOS settings and giving them less voltage. At 1000 rpm I can barely hear them, below that they are virtually silent.

Giving the poor quality of K500L's stock fans, I believe that any RGB fans of medio/good quality ($10/15 or more) will work for you.

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